Mr Ash Mufareh’s AI Business Plan 2020? Legit or Scam?

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6 min readJul 22, 2020

Mr. Ash Mufareh Business Plan 2020

you might have heard the name Mr. Ash Mufareh before! The name has set a wildfire across the Internet, due to his widespread reach of information through his businesses and reach. Online companies have faced many different challenges, especially when competing with more prominent players in the market.

Mr. Ash Mufareh has strived for decades to ensure that everyone receives equal opportunity and having tools, in remaining competitive. Technology is the only solution for online businesses, and it reflects in machines, which are offered by ONPASSIVE. He is an absolute believer in the power of artificial intelligence, and it is incredibly useful in human dependency & higher productivity.

About Mr. Ash Mufaresh

Mr. Ash Mufareh is the founder of many successful establishments such as ONPASSIVE and GoFounders. For those of you that are unaware, here is a simple definition of these relevant businesses.

Launched in 2018 by Ash Mufareh, the company has already gathered more than 57,000 Founders. It plays a role of 100% fully automated traffic generator, which recruits and sells for you, along with proprietary business tools.

GoFounders is an online team-building platform, and the back-office of ONPASSIVE created for the registration of new members. It provides tools required for sending customized invitations to interested members. Founders of the company (registered members) are empowered to build a team of self-motivated members who act as leaders individually.


ONPASSIVE is a revolutionary IT company that designs and publishes automation tools equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform offline businesses into a hands-free online business.

With the help of these automation tools, ONPASSIVE empowers your business to achieve phenomenal success by eliminating the manual tasks involved in brand promotions, advertisement, sales, and customer relationship management.

It’s a smart business platform with a plug-n-play feature that allows you to operate your business on auto-pilot mode. If you have an offline activity, then you need not have to worry. ONPASSIVE can transform your entire business into an online player. Once you are a member, all features and excellent in-house AI-driven tools are free to access and use to excel, compete, and win the game.

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What’s Mr. Ash Mufareh’s profession?

Mr. Ash Mufareh is an entrepreneur by birth who has had incredible foresight into predicting the future of technology. His plan to implement futuristic tools that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology powered with artificial intelligence.

With his platform, which is entirely automated, he is planning to make tools which are capable of performing specific activities such as:

  • Easy registration of domains
  • Hosting of websites
  • Quick & easy website design
  • Advertisements
  • Generation of leads
  • Overall traffic of the web
  • More sign-ups
  • Easier recruitment
  • Team building exercises
  • Online products & service sales
  • Customer service & engagement

These automation tools allow different departments to work in sync with complete data transparency. Data-driven decision making helps the business to streamline and deliver high productivity.

By using these automation tools, GoFounders can find leisure time to spend with their family members or personal growth. It is one of the foremost requirements and desires if every businessman.

Mr. Ash Mufareh is a businessman who understands the challenges faced by entrepreneurs from across the world. This is one of the primary reasons why he has strived to create the ultimate tools and the best platform in launching your business.

What’s Mr. Ash Mufareh’s plan for the IT Sector?

Mr. Ash Mufareh has a long-term plan for the information technology sector. His platform ONPASSIVE utilizes the most advanced form of artificial intelligence to provide seamlessly incredible marketing solutions.

There is a massive volume of personal data online, as it is concerned with privacy and security. ONPASSIVE can help you to keep your privacy utmost secure strategically. Artificial intelligence has been on the constant uprise and is now a major contributing factor to the success of companies. It is a tool that is designed to make human lives more comfortable than ever. Artificial intelligence has become a continuously evolving tool, which can affect human beings more comfortable.

Practitioners of digital marketing and online business have always tried to discover the significance of Artificial Intelligence in SEO. Digital marketing and AI pretty much go hand-in-hand. The presence of artificial intelligence obvious in SEO, and at the same time, AI aids in bringing the most significant chunk of revenues to the business.

Is Mr. Ash Mufareh’s plan a Legit or Scam?

Mr. Ash Mufareh’s plan is entirely legit and is most definitely not a scam! Ash Mufareh’s company GoFounders has its presence across 100 nations now and doesn’t have any pyramidal structure or a Ponzi scheme.

It is just a back-office of ONPASSIVE, which is a product-based company that deals with all-round business solutions equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate and streamline business activities.

The objective of the company is to allow its members to lead a relaxed life by getting rid of unwanted and monotonous manual business operations. Moreover, its compensation plan is designed in such a way that it doesn’t pay only for recruiting members but pays only to the active members who are using the tools.

Can you rely on Mr. Ash Mufareh’s plan?

You can most definitely rely on Mr. Ash Mufareh’s plan for the future as he completely believes in the power of artificial intelligence. Some of the various goals that he hopes to accomplish with artificial intelligence are:

  • Conversing with one another through excellent voice search
  • Content marketing through unnatural intelligence power
  • Greater personalization of the needs of a customer

We hope you found this review informative in understanding the actual truth about Mr. Ash Mufareh. So, if you want to take a shot at changing your life forever, join Mr. Ash Mufareh as he continues his conquest into the future.

Being successful in understanding the actual truth behind Mr. Ash Mufareh’s ventures can prove to be an excellent resource for you in the future.

Mr Ash Mufareh’s YouTube

Ash Mufareh YouTube Channel

Mr Ash Mufareh, alumni of American InterContinental University, has a master’s degree in Information Technology & E-Commerce. He is the founder of Global Domains International (GDI) which is a domain name and a website provider company. He specializes in the field of Artificial Intelligence and has always come up with innovative ideas to solve online business issues.

Later, he came up with ONPASSIVE which is established in July 2018. Mr Mufareh has also launched GoFounders which takes care of the entire registration and team building activities for ONPASSIVE. ONPASSIVE is one of the lucrative AI platforms that provide end-to-end business solutions. The company specializes in augmenting artificial intelligence with human intelligence to change the world of business.

The ONPASSIVE eco-system comprises innovative tools to allow enterprises to implement partial automation to end-to-end automation via a single platform. With advancements across various industries.



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