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Santosh Pawar
3 min readApr 21, 2020
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One of the hardest problems for any entrepreneur to tackle is trying to know when, and if, it is time to start working on their idea and launch into a business. This particular decision can cause much anxiety and bring a lot of such issues before starting a business.

A few destined entrepreneurs dream of success but stumble at the thought of where to start. This is mainly because of the lack of ideas on how to succeed, and most are intimidated by the likelihood of failure. This crucial decision depends mostly on various factors. Let us see how global entrepreneurs, perceived risk in marketing look at the risks they face along the way.

Starting a business in a flourishing ecosystem requires an assumption of considerable personal risk. It can take many years for a company to get access to venture capital funding, and, in the meantime, salaries and fees pile up. In several markets, it is not easy to forgive debts in bankruptcy, and this can follow a founder for the rest of their life.

In many markets, the risks of building a business overrun the dream of the power of the company. In a few countries like North Korea, success can also be a significant risk. It worries every entrepreneur around the world that their business will get confiscated. Therefore, in the past, most of them were motivated to pull cash out of it and not reinvest in growth.

However, in today’s world, and those on the front lines of that development are entrepreneurs themselves, who are changing the psychology and narrative of risk in starting their own business. A few of the global entrepreneurs take calculated risks.

What is the calculated risk?

While risk is vital to entrepreneurship, the reality is that it’s not just taking huge steps without considering the options that make your ideas work. Calculated risks are what pushes businesses to greater heights. The main difference between taking a risk and taking a calculated risk is the thought that goes into it. Many risk-takers don’t think about the escape plan and the other factors that make it riskier. Global entrepreneurs take calculated risks, and they’re willing to go as far as the business takes them or even go down till zero, but they are aware of the consequences they might face down the road and will always have a plan.

What risks do entrepreneurs generally take?

There are mainly five kinds of risks that global entrepreneurs take as they start their business. According to GoFounders, those risks are — founder risk, market risk, competition risk, sales execution risk, and product risk.

1) Founder risk: It is all about considering who the founders of the company are if those people get along. It can also be about how they will work together for the company.

2) Product risk: It is about considering the new product built by engineers for the business and finding how they will hire other product technicians.

3) Market risk: It mainly looks at solving a problem with your product and how customers will react to your marketing solutions and selling points about your business.

4) Competition risk: This is mainly about considering how your business is different from competitors

5) Sales execution risk: It helps you look at how to sell your product to customers by giving them marketing solutions to their problems.

All the above risks are crucial elements to begin your own business. Being an entrepreneur/founder is all about being able to take a look at these risks and determine if this calculated risk is a good idea for your business. GoFounders ONPASSIVE helps people who are dreaming about starting a business or growing and taking a business to greater heights.

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