History of GoFounders and Birth Of ONPASSIVE & it’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools

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Jeffrey Morlock Review

Welcome to Jeffrey Morlock GoFounders/ONPASSIVE Review, this video review on his YouTube channel ONPASSIVE, he starts the video in the backyard of his home, where he introduces us with the content of his review.

This review incorporates GoFounders objectives, and Jeffrey also reveals some history of GoFounders and the birth of ONPASSIVE & its Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.

Jeffery Morlock tells that GoFounders, which emerged as a first concept initiative from Mr. Ash Mufareh brain trust, has been building his presence primarily through its founders’ efforts and a lot of behind-the-scenes support from its creators, by design, however, there’s not a lot of publicly available information, and he continues “we’re hardly a secret; we’re just new. “

Let’s See Jeffery Morlock ONPASSIVE Review In His Own Words:

We’re a progressive information technology company with bunches of intelligent people resources and restrictive tech that will deliver digital seismic action the world over.

So we have a ton of valid justifications to stay silent until everything looks good anyway in all honesty much after we do open up to the world we’re despite everything going to keep things near the vest so to talk so what number of us comprehend what GoFounders is at any rate well in plain talk.

ONPASSIVE is a marketing service platform developed as a piece of another plan of action of GoFounder; this new plan of action dependent on agreeable endeavors of individuals, and for their common advantage, yet on a par with that sounds, it’s significantly more than that because through the community.

Founders, a considerable number of the entrepreneurs, young business visionaries, particularly the crude end-clients, can get ground breaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and services and these devices, which can guarantee. Their success is groundbreaking enough to make a constructive worldwide monetary change; they will disturb current financial patterns and permit millions to move beyond their present conditions through a revolutionary and maintainable marketing platform.

History Of GoFounder/ONPASSIVE by Jeffery Marlock:

Anyway, we didn’t begin because of such a great endeavor Initially, and the idea was to manufacture a community of similar people that would help the assemble a business helpfully as partners and to ensure that it was commonly advantageous to everyone in that specific business community.

Organizers are that network that made us proceed to put us on a change in outlook in the way around a year and a half back that way transformed into a street. That street ended up being somewhat uneven, and we found a fork in it to take more than once, yet by and large, there’s been a fantastically decent experience.

During our first year, we followed the first thought of turning into a system showcasing stage. We figured we could most likely cut out a specialty from an internet advertising space of around a few hundred million founders, not very pitiful right well the first idea has a creation window of approximately 60 to 90 days.

It had a budget of about $100,000, and we figured we could serve an a down to the ground scale of 3 to 20 million users inside one year; it was certifiably not a vigorous arrangement. It did exclude any large mechanical segments at first anyway someplace close to the furthest limit of 2018.

We encountered the addition in enrollment faster than anticipated to move into 2019 when the founding transport went past the 8,000 imprints and smoothly went into twofold digits by mid-January 2019.


The budget must be rethought and expanded considerably to exploit the newly discovered energy; it was that force that gave us the certainty to take on a unique vision by mixing it up of fresher elements to frame a total set-up of modern-day technology AI-based products.

Hence, designs changed in the financial plans expanded this was during the first quarter of 2019 that is the point at which we made the change from a standard promoting place into a business segment that manages registering including programming media communications and by and significant anything associated with the transmitting data or the frameworks that help with correspondence, so, we’re an information technology organization with an extensive marketing platform before the finish of the first quarter in 2019.

We began building up each product tool, or services believable for online marketing utilize in the interim our Founders base kept on growing which by then arrived at just about twenty thousand there were some staggering thoughts born during that time.

As we keep pushing the tech, we extended our degree again by growing all the more elevated level IT items added to the SBS and, as one may envision, with such an endeavor, and our budget went up again during 2019.

Top 8 ONPASSIVE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools

ONPASSIVE’s AI has digital marketing tools that can help you with digital advertisements, especially with a targeted audience. ONPASSIVE also helps you with outsourcing marketing tasks such as bringing in traffic, customized crowd-funding and unlimited rotators and funnels.

● Video Conferencing

The video conferencing tools that ONPASSIVE provides are exceptional. It can help in effective communication of sound and vision for you and your team. With the video conferencing tools, you can easily create rooms, set meeting times and locations, and easily invite people.

● VPN Tools

The VPN tools provided by ONPASSIVE will help you in successfully encrypting all of your online data. These VPN tools will also enable your business to have safe and secure access, with enhanced mobility.

● Website Builder / Web Editor

The website builder tools provided by ONPASSIVE utilize artificial intelligence by providing enhanced user satisfaction. The website builder tool includes voice search among a myriad of other devices.

● Video Marketing

ONPASSIVE AI tools include video marketing tools, created specifically for all of your marketing campaigns.

● ConnectMe

ONPASSIVE Connect Me is another feature that can help you get in touch with your team remotely. It assists in connecting with your target audience without any external disturbance.

● Email Marketing

ONPASSIVE email marketing tools meant to target and convert your leads into fully paying customers. It will lead to increased higher conversion rates, as well.

● Video Chat

Communication will help you quickly connect for online, face-to-face conversations in an incredibly simplified manner.

● IP Tracking

ONPASSIVE provides great IP tracking tools to give you information such as the name, location, and other info address. All of this is possible only with an IP address number.


Jeffery Morlock continues telling the advantages of being a primary founder and secondary Founder and how becoming an early bird founder is beneficial. He further explains how ONPASSIVE will bring you passive income and growth for your business.

I am quite impressed with this ONPASSIVE opportunity as a digital marketer myself. I am looking forward to becoming the Founder of this amazingly crafted Artificial Intelligence AI business solution and passive income to support me better.

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